About US

Who We Are

Project Accessible Oral Health is a global public-private partnership and the first to nationally assemble and connect dental and medical professionals, corporations, organizations, policymakers, educators, people with disabilities, caregivers, and other stakeholders in pursuit of equal access to culturally competent oral healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a collective catalyst for change in the way oral healthcare is delivered to and received by people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities and their caregivers. Oral healthcare is an inseparable part of overall healthcare.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish equal access to oral healthcare for people with disabilities by professionals trained, experienced and committed to enhancing the quality of health and life for this growing, and significantly underserved community.

We Believe

Disparities in oral health care for people with disabilities are unfair, unjust, and 100% avoidable. It’s time for all members of society, including our most vulnerable populations with physical, developmental, and intellectual disabilities, and their caregivers, to have their oral care needs met by oral healthcare professionals, protect their overall health, and live their best lives.


Project Accessible Oral Health and its interconnected partners are uniquely positioned to end this injustice through three strategic pillars:


Identify shortfalls and solutions in governmental policy on local, state, and federal levels relating to access to oral healthcare for people with disabilities.


Create the first centralized digital hub to develop and make available core competency materials for: children/teens/adults, patient advocates, third-party payers, and the non-dentist health provider, and current and future dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants.


Raise awareness of the urgency of this issue and its impact on people with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities, as well as our nation’s healthcare system.

Our Leadership

Steven W. Kess
Mark S. Wolff
Rabbi Kalman Samuels
Dr. Adine Usher

Barbie Vartanian

Steve Perlman

Rick Radar

Holli Seabury

Dr. Adine Usher

Robert Glickman

Jill Malmgren

Matilde Hernandez